At Venoitist Canada, we have specialized in the selling of orthopedic products and diabetic supplies. Our orthopedic products include body braces, compression stockings, ankle braces, elbow braces, knee braces and many more. We provide guidance, counseling and therapy sessions to our clients who have gone through traumatic injury experience. At the same time, we offer glucometers to patients with diabetes. We have a great team of experts who deal with these clients and provide them with tips to better living. They provide them with food and exercise schedules that guide them on what to eat and how to exercise. Training is carried out to show our patients how to use glucometers and any other product sold to them.

At Venoitist Canada, our clients come first and for that reason we are always alert to help them out in every way possible


A body brace is a medical device worn by people who have suffered from severe back injury. Others wear body braces as a result of old age. It is used during therapy to correct the direction of the spine. It restricts too much movement of the spine to reduce the damage and enhance treatment. It is also used to provide support for a patient undergoing therapy and one who is getting old and cannot walk straight. The body brace consists of both soft and hard pallets depending on the area it lands on. When it is fitted correctly, the lower part of the brace wraps the pelvic area, the middle part of the brace wraps the abdomen and the upper part fits the back and the ribs.

At Venoitist Canada, we provide custom fitting of body braces to our clients who suffer from an injured spine. Our body braces are custom- made to only fit our clients and to suit their colour and material preference. We help our clients know how to wear the braces and remove them. There are many ways of recovering from spine injuries but we advise our clients to take up the custom fitted body braces because they are more comfortable and they reduce the spine strain while doing any activity.


Compression stockings are a special kind of stockings that work best for therapy. They are quite like normal stockings but these have special features that contribute to a smooth flow of blood from the legs to the heart. Compression stockings enhance pressure on the leg, which in turn reduces the size of the veins and therefore speeds up the blood from the legs up to the heart. Most patients, especially expectant mothers suffer from swollen legs and these compression stockings are used to speed up recovery. In such cases, they support veins to prevent blood clotting.

Some of the most prominent benefits of compression stockings are:

  1. Reduce pain in ankles and feet.
  2. Reduce swelling
  3. Reduce chances of getting varicose veins
  4. They prevent orthostatic hypertension

At Venoitist Canada, we have all types of compression stockings. We have:

  • Graduated compression stockings. These are the ones that promote the strongest pressure around the ankle area. They are mostly issued out by medical personnel because they aim at helping with mobility. At Venoitist Canada, we have a team of medical personnel who give sound advice and do perfect fitting of these graduated compression stockings to help our clients recover.
  • Non-medical stockings. These are stockings that are used for leisure. Most people use these during long flights, long hour drives or long hours of sitting and relaxing.
  • Anti-embolism stockings. These are special stockings that reduce the occurrence of varicose veins.

According to our medical team at Venoitist Canada, it is important to know one’s fitting before using compression stockings. It is also more important to note that they cannot be used on wounds and infections.



Testing the blood sugars is an important exercise carried out by diabetic people to help them control their condition. Glucometers are the devices used to test blood sugars. A person uses a small sample of blood from their fingertips and they put it on a strap that is usually connected to the glucometer. The glucometer then indicates the level of sugar. Generally, any amount higher than 7 is considered to be high and below 5 is considered to be low.

At Venoitist Canada, we supply our clients with all kinds of glucometers that suit our clients’ choices. Some glucometers have audio ability to help patients with visual impairments while others have data storage meant to keep track of a patient’s condition.

We advise our clients to regularly test their blood sugars so that they are able to monitor the foods they eat, their exercise routine and to plan their medical appointments and medicine. The effects of high or even low sugar can be extreme and should be avoided at all cost.

Effects of high sugars

  • Poor vision
  • Kidney failure
  • Nerve damage.

Effects of Low sugars

  • Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Body weakness
  • Uncontrollable sweating.

At Venoitist Canada, we advise our clients to visit our medical experts after having a record of their sugar tests for minimal examination to keep them in check.